Rubber seal injection nozzle

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    Fits the following vehicles with the respective engine type:
  • C107 R107
    280SL SLC with M110.986 and M110.990
    350SL SLC with M116. 984
    380SL SLC
    450SL SLC with M117..985
    450SLC 5.0 with M117.960
    500SL SLC with M117.960 and M117.962
  • W116
    280SE SEL with M110.985
    350SE SEL with M116. 985
    450SE SEL with M117.986
    450SEL 6.9
  • W123
    230E CE TE
    280E CE TE with M110.984 and M110.988
  • C126 W126
    280SE SEL with M110. 989
    300SE SEL
    380SE SEC SEL with M116.961 and M116.963
    500SE SEC SEL with M117.961 and M117.963
  • Mercedes comparison number: 116 078 08 73
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