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What does dbdepot do?

Since 1988 we have been dealing with spare parts for Mercedes-Benz classic cars from 1955 to 1989.

The following Mercedes series are serviced by us:

190 SL | W121 | 1955 – 1963

Pontoon | W105 W120 W121 W128 W180 | 1953 – 1962

Fintail | W110 W111 | 1959 – 1968

W111 W112 Coupe / Convertible | 1961 - 1971

W108 W109 - 1965 - 1972

Pagoda | W113 | 1963 - 1971

StrokeEight | W114 W115 | 1967 - 1976

R107 C107 | SL SLC | 1971 - 1989

W116 | 1972 - 1980

W123 | 1976 - 1986

W126 | 1979 - 1989

As you can see from our self-description, we have been dealing with spare parts for Mercedes classic cars for over more than 30 years. We do have many years of practical experience with these models. If you have many questions concerning the repair or restoration of your classic car, we can help you with concrete tips and advice.

Do you deliver original quality?

We would prefer to do so exclusively, but our experience shows that you as a customer weigh up the options very carefully and usually choose the cheaper spare part. Of course, we will accommodate this wish.

However, we want to leave the choice to you when you purchase the parts and we mark our parts throughout as parts in original quality (OEM) or as reproduction (repro).

Genuine quality means that these parts come from the same suppliers as Mercedes-Benz itself.

We have had reproduction parts in our product range for many years and can therefore assess their quality positively based on our extensive experience.

Are you cheaper than Mercedes?

We are - to 99%, even where we offer equivalent products.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that ven us professionals are sometimes left speechless about the prices of spare parts at Mercedes-Benz. On the other hand, our economic calculation is less extensive than that of the global corporation by several costly factors.

In fact, we use original Mercedes spare parts for the one exempt percent. But this is still cheaper for you, because you do not have to order the parts directly on site and pick them up there personally.

Why should I order from you?

We have a lot of experience. We know the vehicles for which we offer our spare parts; we know the market and the scene; we know our competitors and what they offer.
We are a small, efficient team; you always have a competent contact person.
We keep an extensive stock and can deliver 98% of all orders without delay.
We set the bar very high, and your satisfaction is our benchmark.