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The W114 and W115 series were the first million-sellers from the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and were built from 1968 to 1976. If you want to restore, repair or refit these classic cars, dbdepot is the right place for you. We offer the best selection of high-quality spare parts for Mercedes-Benz classic cars at unbeatable prices. Browse through our range and see for yourself. Order Mercedes W114 and W115 spare parts at dbdepot.de now! 

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Restoring the Mercedes W114 and W115 – High-Quality restoration of these classics

Among vintage car enthusiasts, the Mercedes W114 and W115 are also known as "/8". As successors to the W110 and W111, they quickly gained a strong position in the market and signaled a departure from Mercedes' then-traditional “unit body” approach. Vehicles with six-cylinder engines fall under the W114 series, while all other models belong to the W115 series.

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Our Range of Spare Parts for Your Mercedes W114 and W115 

If you are one of the lucky owners of a Mercedes W114 or W115, you can look forward to a wide selection of high-quality spare parts at dbdepot, which will help you get your classic back in top shape.

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