Headlights - from 8/79 with leveling system
All parts listed on this page are supplied in OEM quality!
Pos part-no. description pic price /pc.  
  C8211 headlight unit left on request
  C8212 headlight unit right on request
  C8213 reflector headlight left   190,55
  C82131 reflector headlight right   190,55
  C8204 lens left   113,30
  C82041 lens right   113,30
  C8205 lens turning light left
on request
  C8206 lens turning light right 200,85
  C8207 rubber seal turn light left 45,32
  C82071 rubber seal turn light right 45,32
  C8208 rubber seal headlight to fender left 30,64
  C82081 rubber seal headlight to fender right 30,64
  18203 rubber seal lens to headlight unit   29,46
  78231 protective hose for headlight wiring 28,32
  C8220 vacuum element leveling system 105,06

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